Lord Surgery is proud to provide excellent quality of care while maintaining a fair, ethical fee structure. We follow the Australian Medical Association guidelines regarding fees.


For consultations, part of your full payment will be refunded to you by Medicare.

Lord Surgery has Medicare Australia online claiming available. This means that if you settle your account in full on the day of your consultation, we can automatically send the claim through to Medicare. The rebate will then be either deposited into your nominated account or you will be sent a cheque from Medicare. This process takes 3-5 working days.

"No gap" Surgery

Professor Lord offers "no gap" surgery for:

  • pensioners
  • retirees
  • students
  • those with Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) insurance
  • people with Medicare wishing to be treated at the public hospital - St Vincent's Hospital

This excludes the following:

  • weight loss surgery (see below)

  • endoscopic measurement of reflux disease using the BRAVO capsule system (health fund cover needed for "no gap")

  • endoscopic radio-frequency ablation (RFA) therapy for Barrett's oesophagus (health fund cover needed for "no gap")

Weight Loss Surgery Fees

From 9 June 2018, the following fees apply for weight loss surgery:

  • Removal of gastric band - "no gap" payment
  • Gastric sleeve, gastric band, gastric bypass - $4,000 out-of-pocket

If you have had previous weight loss surgery, this fee may be increased.

For more information about the cost of weight loss surgery, see Obesity and Weight Loss.